ReGina Welling

Haunted Everly After

Ghost Mortem

A whole life can change in a single day. When Everly Dupree’s marriage implodes, moving back to her hometown of Mooselick River and staying with her parents for a little while seems like a good idea.

Offered the chance to buy the town’s haunted house for the back taxes, Everly signs on the dotted line and thinks things are looking up. But before she can move into her new place, the dead body of Hudson Montayne, her high-school sweetheart, turns up in the next motel room.
This is as bad as gets, she thinks, until Hudson’s ghost comes haunting and refuses to leave until she helps find his killer. Will Everly solve the crime? Or will the end of her story read, and she lived Haunted Everly After?

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Bargain Haunter

My name is Everly Dupree and when my marriage ended, I more or less landed on my feet.

I moved back home, bought a house, and found a job. Maybe not the best job in the world, but it paid the bills. But now my boss has gone missing, so if I dont find him, I won’t have it for long

And the house? Well, it’s a great house…full of interesting things and not haunted at all.

I am, but that’s a story you’ll have to read to believe.


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Christmas Presence

I’m Everly Dupree, and I help the dead find peace whether I want to or not.

This year, all I wanted for Christmas was a little peace and quiet, some time with family, and a glass of eggnog.

What I didn’t need was the ghost of my married past to rear its ugly head, or a ghost from the present to show up. If I’m going to have any future, I’ll need to lay all the ghosts to rest.


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Ghost Haste

No matter what she does, Everly Dupree can’t seem to get away from ghosts.

It’s a brand new year and yet, the ghosts of the past keep rearing their ugly heads. When her ex-husband goes missing, and his new girlfriend comes begging for help, Everly has to decide whether to wash her hands of them forever or step in and help. With the FBI still looking in her direction and another dead body in the mix, Everly decides she doesn’t have a choice.

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Teen Spirit

Ghosts are always cold, Everly Dupree has learned that fact from experience. Felicity Banner is also a cold case who wants her killer brought to justice.



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Fortune Haunter

Everly Dupree wants what’s best for Mooselick River, but that doesn’t include Martha Tipton blowing an old town legend out of proportion to attract tourism. Or murder.


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Wedding Ghost

When Everly Dupree is asked to be the maid of honor at her friend’s wedding, she only has one question:

Who invited the ghost?

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Psychic Seasons Series

Rings on Her Fingers

Julie Hayward didn’t believe in the supernatural. Newly engaged with a photography career just starting to take off, her life is almost comfortable. The only thing she lacks is enough money to repair the family home. But, when her best friend, Gustavia, drags her to a visit with a psychic thinking it will be a fun engagement gift, things get really crazy.

A ghostly encounter provides a cryptic clue to the location of the lost family fortune and a warning that her fiance is not what he seems. Launched on a wild adventure, Julie must learn to listen to her heart and her intuition to solve the mystery.

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Bells on Her Toes

Helping her best friend solve an old family mystery has put Gustavia in danger. Between dealing with Julie’s crazy ex and her own turbulent family relationships, the last thing Gustavia needs is another distraction. Even so, after dating more than her fair share of frogs, Gustavia asks the universe to send her a prince. But, when her psychic adviser insists she has already met her soul mate, romantic prospects look bleak.

Finn Kent is no prince, just an ordinary guy who wants to protect his daughter from another devastating loss. He is definitely not pushing Gustavia away to protect his own heart. That is the story and he is sticking to it.

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She Shall Have Music

Amethyst sees everyone around her through a lens of shifting colors and emotions.When the one person she never expects to see again turns up after three years, she will have to decide if their relationship deserves a second chance.

Reid Grayson knows it is time to walk away from the family business. What he doesn’t know is what to do next. When he decides to spend a week visiting a friend, he has no idea he is walking into the next best thing to a haunted house. But it will be the ghost of his own past that he will have to confront.

Every relationship deserves a second chance, doesn’t it?


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Wherever She Goes

Kat Canton sees too much—even while she sees nothing at all.

Used to being both blind and psychic, she does the best she can with the cards she has been dealt. Even if those cards are of the Tarot variety. With two strikes against her, Kat has given up on love completely. Who would want to date a blind psychic?

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Earthbound Bones

I am Galmadriel, I woke up in a pile of bodies which, considering angels never sleep, was an indication that something had gone terribly wrong. Minutes passed while I tried to remember where I was, who I was. It all came back in a rush. Breaking rules to fix my own mistakes had cost me everything.

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Earthbound Wings

I am the angel Galmadriel.

Sort of, anyway. It’s complicated. A stupid mistake got me yanked out of heaven and into a human body, and with no better plan for my new mortal life, the Powers That Be have decided to turn me into some kind of spiritual bounty hunter—minus the bounty. At least that’s how it worked on my first assignment. Maybe this one would be different. Probably not.

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Fate Weaver

A Match Made in Spell

What good is a witch with no magic?


I’m Lexi Balefire and I wear a lot of hats, but none of them are tall and pointy. I spend half my time making love matches that last forever, and the other half trying to keep my faerie godmothers from turning each other into toads. Or worse.





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All Spell is Breaking Loose

Matchmaker Lexi Balefire just found out she’s no ordinary witch—she’s also a Daughter of Cupid—which explains how she’s always been able to recognize a true love match when she sees one. For the first time ever, Lexi’s own love life is heating up, and that’s not all she’s got on her plate.






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To Spell & Back

Wicked is in the eye of the beholder…

Lexi Balefire thought she was finished unearthing new and outrageous information about her heritage—turns out, she was dead wrong. Still reeling from the pain of ultimate betrayal, and the near-loss of her soul mate, Kin Clark, Lexi embarks on a journey through time, uncovering pieces of the Balefire family’s sordid past.





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No Chance in Spell

You can’t keep a good witch down!

Clara Balefire spent the last quarter century imprisoned in stone for a crime she did not commit. Now she’s free and ready to take up where she left off.





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Spell Hath No Fury

…like a witch scorned.

Lexi Balefire figures she can handle a little competition when a rival matchmaker comes to town. But Lexi isn’t expecting to have her entire life turned upside down.

When Lexi’s true love, Kin Clark, returns from his rock tour without even letting her know he’s back in town, Lexi discovers she’s got more in common with her former arch-nemesis, Serena Snodgrass, than she ever thought possible.

Now, with her demigod half-brother—also the father of Serena’s unborn baby—back in the picture, Lexi must sidestep his attempts to sabotage her matches while watching her own love life go down the toilet. Again.






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A Cold Day in Spell

Lexi Balefire had it all. Now she’s a prisoner in her own body.

Still reeling from her breakup with musician Kin Clark—who doesn’t even remember she exists—Lexi has decided to let her inner goddess come out and play.

As long as she foils Diana Diamond’s evil plan to sap the love from the earthly realm, Lexi figures she’ll be content to be a backseat driver in her own life. But when Kin comes back into her life in an unexpected way, she starts to question that decision.

Now, the only question is: will the Goddess let Lexi back out?






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Mag and Clara Balefire Mysteries

Murder Above the Fold

Recent transplants to the quaint little town of Harmony, sister witches Clara and Margaret Balefire thought they were leaving the hectic pace of city life in their rearview mirror.

Turns out, keeping up with a thousand-year-old coven leader with a penchant for magical mischief isn’t the most exciting item on their agenda.

When Mag and Clara stumble over the dead body of a local woman, they refuse to let the ruling of accidental death stand—not when they’re positive it was murder.

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Murder on the Backswing

Sister witches Magaret and Clara Balefire are starting to wonder if they should have opened a detective agency instead of an antique shop.

For the second time since moving to the sleepy coastal village of Harmony, the pair find themselves involved in a murder investigation–only this time, finding the killer also means clearing the Balefire name.

As if that weren’t enough drama, the thousand-year-old coven leader Mag and Clara are supposed to be keeping tabs on seems intent on exposing magic to the entire town.

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Murder Below the Waterline

Mag and Clara are at it again.
Murder, mystery, and a ride down the river?

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Haunted by Murder

What will Margaret Balefire do when her past comes back to haunt her?

When Bradley Graham disappeared a few weeks before his wedding, everyone assumed he had a case of cold feet. Except for his fiance and a dead medium named Roma.In order to get Roma to leave Balms and Bygones, and take all her ghostly friends with her, Mag and Clara must solve the mystery.

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Ponderosa Pines Mysteries

Cat Killed A Rat

Nothing bad ever happens in Ponderosa Pines

At least, that’s what anonymous gossip columnist Chloe LaRue and her best friend, town matriarch EV Torrence thought—until a resident of their sleepy little village turns up dead. When EV becomes suspect #1, even Chloe can’t stop the rumor mill from churning.

Against Detective Nate Harper and Deputy Dalton Burnsoll’s orders, Chloe and EV mount their own investigation—but what they uncover might just rock the community to its very core. Could one of their own beloved citizens really be a killer?



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Crafting Disorder

Nothing bad ever happens in Ponderosa Pines

Best friends Chloe LaRue and EV Torrence already have their hands full pursuing a blackmailer who is attempting to sabotage their beloved community of Ponderosa Pines. Now, with items mysteriously disappearing all over town, and their romantic relationships becoming increasingly complicated, the last thing they need is a rash of yeti sightings. What’s really lurking in the Pines, and will either woman open up and let a man into her heart?

Chloe and EV will follow a trail of gossip and intrigue in a race against time to find the killer.

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Caught in the Frame

Chloe LaRue is about to get a new step-daddy.
One she has never met. When her mother, Lila, calls to tell Chloe the good news, she is already up to her neck in intrigue. The blackmailer who has been menacing the sleepy town of Ponderosa Pines has ties to her best friend and crime-solving partner, EV Torrence. Deep ties that EV needs to break before she will ever be able to move on with her life.
Now is not the time to be flying away for a wedding. Or worse, to be dealing with a kidnapper.

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Bait and Snitch

Ponderosa Pines used to be the safest place on earth.

Lately, though, EV Torrence and Chloe LaRue are wondering if their once-sleepy town has caught a ride in a handbasket–with a one-way ticket to someplace hot! When visiting attorney Stacey Hawthorne is brutally attacked, EV and Chloe launch into a new investigation, one that will expose several of their neighbor’s deepest secrets.

One of those neighbors has a past, and it’s about to come back to haunt the whole town.

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Ghostly Dead Cover

Ghostly Dead

Another day, another ghost