ReGina Welling


ReGina Welling prefers not to talk about herself in the third person so...

I live in Maine with my husband, a silly flufferpup named Dash, and a crazy cat named Cricket. I write full time and also create mixed media artwork when I get the chance.

When I was three, my mom brought home a new book and when she went to read it to me, I read it to her instead. That was when she realized I'd learned to read. Since then I couldn't even estimate the number of books I've read. It's a lot!

Series Starters

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Haunting Season

Friends don't let friends go to jail

When her friend, Patrea Evergreen, gets arrested for the crime, Everly has a new reason to solve Davina Benet' murder. Because, you know, being haunted by Davina's ghost wasn't enough. What lines will Everly have to cross to get the job done? And how many more bodies will drop before she does?