ReGina Welling


I’m ReGina Welling, author, and artist from somewhere just north of the boonies in Maine. I live with my wonderful hubby, a goofy flufferpup named Dash, and a feisty cat called Cricket.

For fun, I whip up stories that’ll whisk you away to magical places, stir up romance, or have you on the edge of your seat with a nail-biting mystery.

Series by ReGina

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In the book I’m currently working on, Curated Collection’s new shop assistant sells an item that Jacy and Neena consider “the unsellable doodad.” How did...
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As you know, I don’t yank out my soapbox on a regular basis. Today, I’m making an exception because I’ve been talking to a lot...
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Hello from alternatively sunny and rainy Maine. Yep, that is our weather today. It’s 42 degrees and the snow has been melting off my roof...
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