Book 2 of Fate Weaver

All Spell is Breaking Loose

What the heck is a Fate Weaver anyway?

Matchmaker Lexi Balefire recently learned she’s no ordinary witch—she’s also a Daughter of Cupid. Yes, THAT Cupid, which explains how Lexi has always been able to recognize a true love match when she sees one. For the first time ever, Lexi’s own love life is heating up, but that’s not all she’s got on her plate.

Presumed dead for the past 25 years, Lexi’s mother, Sylvana, walks back into her life without warning, and decides to reveal exactly how many skeletons are hidden in the Balefire closet. Can Lexi learn to trust her mother, or did Sylvana only come back to steal the only thing Lexi’s father left for her: the Bow of Destiny.

Before Lexi has a chance to answer either of those questions, all spell breaks loose. With a magical bounty hunter in the mix, an aunt Lexi didn’t know she had, and her mother tossing black magic around, things go from weird to weirder.

Amid the twists and turns Lexi will have to figure out how to keep her new beau Kin Clark safe or her own chance for true love might just go up in smoke along with the rest of her life.