Book 4 of Fate Weaver

No Chance in Spell

You can’t keep a good witch down!

All her life, Lexi Balefire lived with the fact that she came from wicked stock. But now, Lexi’s grandmother is back among the living, and it turns out, wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe the whole wicked witch thing was overrated.

Clara Balefire spent the last quarter century imprisoned in stone for a crime she did not commit. Now she’s free and ready to take up where she left off.

Before she gets the chance, a young witch from the local coven turns up dead. Half the coven blames the murder on Clara, the other half expects her to solve the crime.

What is a witch to do?

With a house full of fighting faeries and a newly not-dead grandmother, Lexi’s second job as keeper of the magical Balefire flame is up for grabs. Offered the choice, Lexi decides to let Clara keep the home fires burning while she goes on tour with her boyfriend, Kin.

But first, there’s a murder to solve.