Ghost Writer

Ghosts. Can’t live with them, can’t make them cross over…

Everly Dupree has her hands full trying to track down Davina Benet’s killer. The last thing she needs is Delilah Cannon showing up in Mooselick River and poking her nose into the investigation. Everly is certain the key to finding Davina’s killer lies in one of her missing persons cases while Delilah’s convinced it’s someone from Mooselick River. And, as usual, Davina’s no help at all.

Then, before she’s hardly had time to unpack her suitcase, Delilah turns up dead leaving Everly to wonder if Delilah had been on the right track after all.

Now, Everly has two ghosts on her hands, and she’s certain the same person killed them both. But who?
Between dealing with the loss of a friendship, her ghostly shenanigans being dragged into the light, and an upset of her Thanksgiving plans, Everly has to solve the mystery or be haunted forever after.