March 4 Moon Oracle Madness

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Today, March 4, our card will be:


Yesterday, we had abundance, today, we see the other side of that cycle with the Wolf Moon card, Hunger. The Wolf Moon occurs in January (the 25th this year) and signifies the lean times.

Going hand in hand with abundance, I see this card as a warning to be careful what parts of yourself you choose to feed for those are the parts that will grow. If you focus on the losses, the lacks, the places that ache, and feed them your energy, they will only grow larger. Now, I know how that sounds, and I’m not saying you should ignore grief because that will come back to bite you in the ass. Trust me, that’s something I know a little about.

But if you choose to really live there, in the empty times, it’s much harder to see the abundance of good when it comes along as it did with yesterday’s card. Today is a day of resiliance and self-love. A day to recognize that there will always be lows because if we do not have pain, we can not also have or recognize joy. Know that joy will come. Know that you will treasure it all the more because you have known pain.

Know that this, too, shall pass.

Companion stone is amazonite