March 3 Moon Oracle Madness

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Today, March 3, our card will be:


The Hunter moon card Abundance urges us to look for and take advantage of opportunities that come our way. Often, we get too caught up to notice when life wants to hand us that little something extra and we miss out on something great.

And sometimes, we have an abundance of things we really do not need or want. Anyone ever plant three zucchini plants thinking one will probably die and it doesn’t and find yourself trying to give them away? *raises hand.

The Hunter Moon (sometimes called the Harvest Moon and sometimes called the Blood Moon) is the first full moon following the fall equinox and mostly occurs in October (the 17th this year).  It signifies the need to put things back against the coming winter.

As with all things, life goes through cycles, and drawing this card today isn’t merely a reason to call attention to the abundance in our lives, but also a reminder to savor what we have and make it last so we can call on what we had today when we’re in a lower yield cycle. If you’re feeling good today, if you have an abundance of joy, remember how you’re feeling now so you can bring that emotion back when you need it. If you’re in a low cycle today, and boy, don’t I know that some of us are, try and remember a time when you were feeling filled up and know that it won’t always be like this. You will have that feeling again.

Today’s companion stone is citrine.