March 30 Moon Oracle Madness

Blog Moon Oracle Madness

Today, March 30, our card will be:

The Unexpected

At first glance, our card today warns us to expect the unexpected and we should. Maybe some fun and interesting guests will turn up. Or maybe you’ll get a windfall today.

In any case, this card has a deeper meaning, and that is all about being flexible. One of my favorite sayings is: Blessed are the flexible for they will not get bent out of shape.

Be flexible. Welcome new experiences. Even if it seems scary. How will you grow if you don’t stretch yourself toward the light?

This is the Blue Moon card. Set your intentions for something you thought you could never have or be today, because just as the Blue Moon is possible, so are your hopes and dreams.

Be ready for anything today.

Even if you don’t like surprises, it’s time to embrace them and I’m hoping yours are only good ones.

In keeping with this rare card, benitoite is the companion stone for the day.