March 29 Moon Oracle Madness

Blog Moon Oracle Madness

Today, March 29, our card will be:


We’ve talked about a lot of growth and changes this month, so it’s natural to feel resistance. Until we deal with both overt and covert resistance, we will be hampered in our forward movement. Today is a day to look at both.

Overt resistance is easy to recognize because it’s external. Life tosses obstacles in our path all the time. This card warns that today we will most likely encounter one of these obstacles. For instance, I wanted to finish writing on the latest Everly book this month and instead, got Covid. Such is life.

Covert resistance comes from inside. It’s the root of procrastination, which we all experience at one time or another. Writer’s block is a classic example of this. In my case, when I feel blocked, it’s almost always because I’ve created a problem with my plot. I tend to be what is known as a Plotzer (a combination of pantser and plotter, pantser being a writer who does not plot but writes by the seat of their pants). I have a general outline for each book, but too much plotting doesn’t leave me enough room for the creative twists that come when I’m fulling into a character’s story. Sometimes, however, those two worlds collide and I write myself into a corner. At that point, my brain turns into the soup guy from Seinfeld. No words for you. At least, not until I’ve figured out where things went wrong.


Or today, right now. My mother just called and has fallen. I have to go and help her so this post will be ending here.

ETA: Mom’s fine.

Also, today’s companion stone is red jasper.