March 25 Moon Oracle Madness

Blog Moon Oracle Madness

Today, March 25, our card will be:


It might seem funny to discuss the masculine when we’re working with a goddess deck, but in all things there is balance. It’s rare in mythology to find a lunar god given the solar/lunar dichotomy but there have been mentions of them.

In this particular card, we explore the postive masculine symbolism of strenth, power, vitality, and protection.

You might encounter someone today who needs your protection. Don’t hesitate to offer it should that happen.

Also, today, oddly enough, this card asks us to consider gaining knowledge in formal ways. If you’re thinking about taking a course of any kind, today is the day to pull the trigger and sign up for a class.

Take steps to improve your health and vitality. It’s a good time to acknowledge and begin increasing your physical power.

Black opal is the companion stone for today.