March 24 Moon Oracle Madness

Blog Moon Oracle Madness

Today, March 24, our card will be:


The Flower Moon card (May 23 this year) warns us to be wary of others who may be jealous of our success. Do not give them the time of day because whatever we have, we’ve earned. We’ve put in the time and effort to grow. If others haven’t, that’s their problem. Bless them and move on but don’t let them dim your light because contrary to their foolish belief, dimming yours won’t brighten theirs.

If you’re on the other side of this and feeling jealous of someone’s success, instead of trying to drag that person down, look at why you haven’t risen and be honest with yourself. Jealousy eats away at self-esteem until there’s nothing left.

Whatever we plant in our souls is what will blossom. Planting fear leads to feelings of self-doubt, fear of failure, worry about what others think. Dig up those roots and stop planting those seeds.

If you’re dealing with either side of this issue today, it helps to understand what lies beneath it. It’s okay to both feel sorry that someone’s fears are prompting them to act out against you and angry that they are. Their reaction shouldn’t diminish your accomplishments. Don’t let it.

Today’s companion stone is ruby.