March 26 Moon Oracle Madness

Blog Moon Oracle Madness

Today, March 26, our card will be:


Darkness always follows light. Light always follows darkness. Today, we will consider doing some shadow work. Shadow work involves taking a good look at what’s lurking in the shadow areas of our psyche.

What fears can we let go of today? What fears can we look at and realize they are completely ungrounded and for that reason, they no longer bind us?

Fear can paralyze and when we’re paralyzed, wc can’t move forward. If we’re standing stil, we aren’t growing. That’s why it is so important to release what doesn’t serve us, and most of the time, that’s fear.

Take the time for self-reflection today and see if there’s anything you can let go of so you can move forward. Darkness also allows us fewer distractions, so once past the fear, this is a good day to plan and strategize if that’s something you need to do.

Today’s companion stone is onyx.