March 15 Moon Oracle Madness

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Today, March 15, our card will be:


The Egg Moon is the full moon in April, the 24th this year and its card tells us to trust our own instincts.

Today is also the Ides of March, which among other things, marks the assassination of Julius Caesar. Maybe he should have been more careful who he trusted.

This day also holds a personal meaning for me in that it is the birthday of someone I lost. I will be thinking about her and the notion of self-trust today.

Self-trust is more than confidence, though confidence does play a role here, it provides us the security to know our decisions will be good ones. It’s a sign of self-acceptance. It’s also not always easy to attain.

We’re constantly bombarded with the ideals of others and encouraged to accept those ideals as truth when very often, they’re only meant to sell us a bill of goods. If your gut is telling you someone is off or that a situation isn’t right, listen to it. Especially today.

Iron will be our companion metal today.