March 14 Moon Oracle Madness

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Today, March 14, our card will be:


Today, we have chosen the Queen of the Moon card. I don’t know about you, but I could use her today!

Today is a day to accept and acknowledge your inner power. Wow. That sounds lofty, doesn’t it?

What this means is that today is not the day to keep your opinion to yourself, it is not the day to let someone belittle, demean, or diminish you. Stand tall, say no if it needs to be no, and stand by your decision. Say yes, too. But know the buck stops with you today, so whichever it needs to be, remain firm, steadfast, and true.

You’re not just eating your oatmeal for breakfast, you’re feeling your oats and it feels good. Protect those who need protecting, including yourself. Be benevolent and fair, but don’t take nuthin’ off nobody today.

Today’s companion stone is actually a metal. Platinum because that’s what your spine is made from.