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Hello from alternatively sunny and rainy Maine.

Yep, that is our weather today. It’s 42 degrees and the snow has been melting off my roof all day, but every hour or so, it rains for ten minutes, and then the sun comes back out. I suppose rain’s better than snow. ❄️

Anyhow, it’s beginning to feel like spring might actually be on the way, and I can’t wait!

Just for fun, we’ve put the Mag and Clara Mysteries boxed set on sale for $.99 until the 12th, so if you haven’t started on those, now’s a good time. The fifth book is on pre-order and will be available sometime between now and September 9. I intended to have it done in April, but the next Haunted Everly After book will be coming first, which I know is not what I said before. I’ve pushed that one forward on my schedule to make room for something I’ll talk about later in the year, but rest assured, Mag and Clara’s next adventure will be worth the wait and if you want a sneak peek, you can read the unedited first chapter here: Middle Age Before Beauty