Writer’s Block


I’m a writer, it is my job to write, right? I’m supposed to be hunched over my keyboard, mug of coffee at hand, tapping away furiously while prose and dialog leap effortlessly from my mind to my fingers to my computer screen. Well, it’s not happening so obviously, I am suffering from the dreaded scourge known as Writer’s Block (you should be hearing the duh duh duhhhhh tones that indicate a villain whenever you read that phrase).

keyboardThere are several causes for Writer’s Block and I don’t have to look very far to figure out mine. There is a mistake in the plot. Pure and simple. Well, not simple since I now have to go back and unravel the entire thing and fix the mistake before the story can move on. My muse has packed up and gone on vacation taking my characters along for the ride. They refuse to return until I have set their world to rights.

So, it’s time to pour the coffee, roll up my sleeves and sort out the problem.

What? We’re out of coffee?