Stranger than Fiction


You can’t make this stuff up and if you did, people would never believe it. Here’s my story of the coincidental property.

We’ve recently sold our house in New York in order to move back to Maine and once we got settled in our temporary space here, we started looking for the right property to eventually build our cordwood home on.

Feeling much like Goldilocks, we looked at places that were too small, too wet, too this or not enough that. Nothing seemed just right until…

A property that should have been showing up on our searches all along finally popped onto and we did a drive-by to see if we wanted to schedule a showing. It met our criteria down to the smallest detail and so we called our agent. That’s when the coincidences started.

First, two weeks earlier, when we got our new cell phones, they were assigned a different exchange from the town where we are currently staying. And yes, you guessed it, according to our phone exchanges, we already live in the town where this house is located. By itself, not so eerie. But wait, it gets better.

We looked, we loved the acreage and we made an offer. That was on a Monday. Tuesday morning, my husband was headed over to my parent’s house and decided to take the less-traveled dirt road. When the vehicle ahead of him pulled over and the driver waved him down, he stopped. It’s what you do here.

Turned out the other driver was lost and wanted directions. The two men started chatting and my husband quickly realized that this man owned the house we had just made an offer on the day before. Mind you, they are now standing on a dirt road in the back of beyond, each of them are nearly an hour away from their current residences and were complete strangers.

What are the odds that the only two people on that particular road at that particular time would be connected in such a way?

The couple we are buying our house from originally lived in Alaska. When the driver pulled my husband over, they stopped right in front of the house my uncle once lived in and he is the only person I am related to who ever visited Alaska. It was his lifelong dream. Minor coincidence, but just one more in a series of them.

Yesterday, we noticed that the house had been listed on my daughter’s birthday. Another minor coincidence but each one that happens makes us feel more connected to the property.

We are looking forward to taking ownership in early May and seeing what other surprises the place has in store for us. It’s hard not to believe in signs when there are so many.

It’s a story stranger than fiction. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.