Something new and a sale!

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It’s Groundhog day, and can I just say I pity the poor thing if he has to poke his head out in my neck of the woods today. It’s cold. I’m sure there’s a brass donkey somewhere nearby mourning the nature of his particulars. I know I’ll be staying inside and tending the home fires to keep warm.

Anyway, to celebrate the release of Even More Ghostly Mysteries, book 7-9 of the Haunted Everly After series, we’ve also put the first six books of the series on sale. You can binge those by checking out the Haunted Everly After series page on Amazon, and don’t forget, you can read all the books for free if you have a Kindle unlimited subscription.

I’m heading back into the writing cave to work on the next book in the series, Christmas Wraith.