Psychic Moments


I don’t claim to be psychic but I’ve had a flash or two and probably you have, too. Almost everyone I know has a story to tell. For instance, when my husband was a teenager, his mother was up in the attic and he had a vision of her falling down the access ladder. He rushed to the bottom of the ladder and caught her just as she fell. Maybe her guardian angel gave him the push he needed, who knows. He still gets goosebumps thinking about it but he knows that while she got a couple bruises, his mother could have been badly hurt if he hadn’t gotten there just in time.

TreeOn the night my grandfather passed away unexpectedly, I was staying at a friend’s house and at the moment of his death, I sat straight up in bed and announced that he had died. The next day I didn’t even remember what happened, but when I got home, my mother confirmed that my grandfather was gone. It was creepy and my friend never invited me over again.

I’d love to hear your story if you have one. Please post yours in the comments section and who knows, it might make its way into a future book. *with your permission of course.