March 20 Moon Oracle Madness

Blog Moon Oracle Madness

Today, March 20, our card will be:


This waxing gibbous card has a few lessons to teach us. First, it warns that we need to be persistent. Decisions require action but we must guard against becoming willful, or putting our will above others.

Breaking old or bad habits takes an effort and a concentration of will. This is not news to us, we’ve all strayed from the path of change because maintining the status quo is easier.

To make the best use of our will, we need to take the time to assess our truest needs and wants, make certain the use of our free will doesn’t impinge on that of another, and then focus our will on acheiving that desire. They key here lies in the word assess. Be mindful with your decisions and then you will know they are the best ones for you.

Companion stone is hematite