March 18 Moon Oracle Madness

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Today, March 18, our card will be:


This super moon card reminds us that we are magnetic and we can attract the good things in life and repel what we don’t want if we focus on those things at a global level. What that means is to not get bogged down in the details, and more importantly, to know what we really want. To be specific.

It’s important to ignore extremes and to consider the greater connections in our lives.

Be discerning. Attracting things – even good things – blindly won’t necessarily make us happy. We need to be self-aware but also aware of that which is outside us. For instance, if we decide to attract only that which makes us happy, but neglect to consider the needs of those closest to us, what happiness we do attract will be shortlived and possibly occur at the expense of others. This won’t be truth, and truth is necessary.

So, be careful what you wish for today, and consider your vision for the world we live in now, and at the next super moon. You have until August 19 to work that out this year, so be ready.

Magnetite is the companion stone for the day.