Earthbound Series


Earthbound Bones

I am Galmadriel, I woke up in a pile of bodies which, considering angels never sleep, was an indication that something had gone terribly wrong. Minutes passed while I tried to remember where I was, who I was. It all came back in a rush. Breaking rules to fix my own mistakes had cost me everything.

Earthbound Wings

I am the angel Galmadriel.

Sort of, anyway. It’s complicated. A stupid mistake got me yanked out of heaven and into a human body, and with no better plan for my new mortal life, the Powers That Be have decided to turn me into some kind of spiritual bounty hunter—minus the bounty. At least that’s how it worked on my first assignment. Maybe this one would be different. Probably not.

I am the angel Galmadriel, yet I am also the human known as Adriel. I live between worlds. I am earthbound.